How to make money!

Born in Romania in Galati! A very beautiful country with warm and welcoming people! But there are things that make me angry with anger! Those who hold power do nothing good for my country! Over the last 20 years they have destroyed entire forests, destroyed factories and factories, sold everything they could! Today I am unhappy!

Romania was once called the granary of Europe, today we import anything and that for the maneuvers of those in power!

I will explain a situation to understand how the easiest way to steal in Romania and maybe in other countries!

Example: European School Upgrade Project! It approves the project by the EU and a false auction is made where the winners are winning!

Initial project value € 100,000.

The company that won the auction hires another company that will receive € 80,000.

This company does not deal with construction and has to hire a construction company in the city to pay € 50,000 to upgrade the school! This company needs to modernize school with this money! Here you find included work and materials! As a company to profit, it hires a team of 5 people with the minimum wage for a fixed period!

Good! Now we are on the construction side!

They use the richest building materials, the cheapest or the remaining ones, falsifying bills and receipts!

Of those 100,000, only 40,000 is used … 10.000 is the part of the one who did the “modernization


What do you think?

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Written by Lorso


  1. It sounds as if they were trained by our president in South Africa. The next lesson they will have to learn from him, is how to stay in power even when he is fired. Whoever controls the money and the guns of a country is the boss, just look at the historical dictators of the world.