How to Keep Your Nonprofit Organized This Holiday Season?

Now that it’s nearing the holiday season, it’s never been a better time to reflect and seek out new ways to keep your nonprofit organization better organized. Fortunately, there are so many ways to do so, such as hiring bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations and creating workflows for departments. Here are a few more ways you can keep your nonprofit more organized for the holiday season.

Hire an Accounting Provider

To keep your bookkeeping in order for the holidays, you should consider hiring an accounting provider. They can offer your organization monthly financial reports and keep your taxes up-to-date. Although it may not seem significant now, in a few months, you’ll wish you invested in their services. Especially if you have a hard time keeping your finances organized on your own, hiring an accountant or bookkeeping service might just very well be your best option.

Store and/or Digitalize Your Receipts

Your nonprofit organization goes through hundreds of receipts a year, but how organized are they really? Since receipts are incredibly when tax season comes around, you should figure out an efficient system for keeping them organized. An impactful and easy method that you can start with today is digitalizing them and organizing the receipts by category of purchase or date. When it comes time to file taxes, this will make the process a lot smoother.

Maintain Your Staff

Aside from the paperwork and accounting side of things, you should work on adequately maintaining your staff this holiday season. If it tends to be busier this time of the year, you should plan on hiring more employees, but if your organization is quieter, you should plan on removing some staff from your roster. Although it can be intimidating to manage all of your employees, it’s necessary for efficiently running your nonprofit organization.

Create Workflows for Departments

To ensure your staff members are productive at work, you should create workflows for your different departments. This will keep everyone on-task and get projects done a lot quicker. Plus, creating workflows can make creating staff schedules a lot easier as well. Fortunately, there are workflow templates you can download from online sources, but you can always make your own for a more customized approach to managing your staff.

There’s a lot to consider for keeping your nonprofit organization organized this holiday season, such as hiring bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations and maintaining your staff. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today to prepare your organization for the busy days ahead!


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