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How to create a Facebook Page!

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It was first started in the year 2007 and so many people didn’t notice it unless it became a compulsion almost to be having a Facebook account for everybody. If you ask anyone about which is the most popular social network, they would answer unanimously and declare it being Facebook. Looking at its popularity and demand the business community has pitched in here and they are using it for the purpose. As there are certain restrictions for a personal Facebook thus a Facebook page can be created to deal with it. An effective page, if well promoted can expose your business to a very extensive audience, indeed. The brands are taking advantage of this and promoting their items to a larger targeted audience.

For the people who want to promote their business online, they would need to set up a Facebook page, primarily.

Here are the steps to be taken in this direction.

  1. You would require certain things get ready for this purpose.
  2. You have to explain your business objective in brief.
  3. You would need a profile image of size 180 * 180.
  4. You would also need a cover photo.
  5. You have to choose of the kind of page you looking for.
  6. You would also require some content for your page.

After setting up the Facebook page, you then need to have the likes received from people and as soon as you reach to 10’000 likes then you may get the advertisement being displayed on your page. This could earn you some profit, either when people click on the displayed advertisements there.


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Written by Ali Shehzad

I am a net worker, looking forward to make the life easier as far as the financial constraints are concerned!


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  1. Facebook pages are easy to create. I have several. They are free. Then comes the hard part. Getting people to like and follow. It’s great if you have a particular passion or a niche. What I have often wondered is if I should convert my profile to a page. I know some people do. But I can’t decide. It’s like the Matrix. Once you make the decision you can’t go back on it.

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