How to be rich?

I have thought a long time of what is meant by rich? Have a luxury house? Becomes a professional? Have millions of dollars cash in hand?

In my viewpoint, we are rich when we can attain financial freedom.

So my plan to become a rich guy is to earn and save enough money to attain financial freedom!

In this moment, I only briefly discuss my plan.

Total attain financial freedom, we need to have passive income generated for maintaining our daily lives. In my city, around US $150 per day will be enough!

I have calculated around how much we have to save in order to generate about US $150 per day.

For some legit investment recognized by our government, the annual interest rate you can earn is around 3%, so you have to earn:

Passive income = US 150 per day =150*365 per year.

Your savings needed = (150*365)/3%=US 1825000!

Therefore, if you can save US 1825000, you are rich!


What do you think?

Written by Chunchun