How the IT industry has redefined every nook of the real estate market in Pune city?

Magnificent. Glorious. Luxurious. Rich.

This is the ancient history of India when we consider lifestyle.

Times changed and people of India adapted to the employment opportunities where they can satisfy their hunger of luxury which has been a tradition of their ancestors.

Information Technology or IT and ITeS industries have changed the way people are enjoying their lifestyle.

IT industry has truly changed the image of culture in Pune.

Hinjawadi, one of the most sensational and popular IT hub in India is hosting almost half of the IT employees in Pune. Nearby locations to Hinjawadi mainly, Wakad, Baner, and Aundh are now featuring the residential spaces that ‘IT people’ prefer the most.

Being Oxford of the East, Pune made available the IT industry of India the talent it requires. Today, almost half a million people are working in IT & related industry in Pune and thus creating a robust impact of demand for comfortable and luxurious homes.

The real estate market in Pune is mainly focused on working people mostly urging to settle down here.

These people have experienced and heard about the luxury from their peers at their workplaces and crave for the same luxury to get:

1. An enhanced lifestyle

2. Relaxed time

3. Social Image

4. Purpose & stability

5. Easy connectivity

An ideal home is where you can live peacefully; bring your guests over a weekend and work whenever you want.

People in the IT industry in Pune are now getting aware of the facts that luxury and wealth is what their profession reflects and thus they are demanding for luxurious spaces in their early 30’s.

It’s not a surprise that people aged between 30 to 35 are buying 3 & 4 BHK spacious apartments as the industry is paying a good fortune for their talent and thus this mass is looking out for a home that could suffice their purpose.

Here are some things mentioned above why the IT industry is changing the face of the real estate market in Pune…

1. Enhanced Lifestyle

IT industry hosts people that earn a better income than any other field in Pune. Some of the people have visited abroad and made their lifestyle way wealthier than what they used to have in India, making them believe in standards of their homes to the upper levels. Result? The real estate industry is also adapting the richer patterns in its homes on the sale.

Today, you would find very few projects that have spacious homes to offer. The people would choose 2 & 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi rather than having a small 1 BHK or condo apartments. Why go for a smaller room when you can afford luxury?

2. Relaxed Time

The workforce in the IT industry in Pune works for 8 to 10 hours a day. They deserve a home where they can relax and celebrate their precious family time. The people working in this industry go for a project that has the serenity to offer. Thus, real estate developers in Pune are now building their multi-million rupees apartments in a location that has more plush greens onboard and the flats themselves are designed in a way that can offer privacy and tranquillity.

3. Social Image

The workforce here needs to maintain its image as well. They go for a project that has better interior and exterior amenities on sale. The price is not a criterion in their mind, but they desire a more luxurious set of equipment and fitments in their homes. Spacious kitchen, huge rooms, luxurious drawing halls, sophisticated interior, ample parking spaces, wide swimming pools, huge lobbies and technology are the features they expect to meet their needs and concept of a home in their mind to enhance their social image.

4. Purpose & stability

The use of a home by these people is hard for working but it is increasing. Traffic in these regions is choking the daily commute and most of the companies have made available an opportunity for these people to work from home.

As they stay at home and work, they need a place that can provide the same environment and calmness as their actual workplaces thus demanding a space in their apartment itself.

Here, builders and developers have moved forward offering a room where people can dedicate it as their small office.

5. Easy connectivity

Tired of daily routine, people working in Pune need regular breaks out of their hectic schedules and thus preferring a home that has easy peasy connectivity to nearby places.

Real estate developers are choosing a location that has better connectivity via roads and selecting a piece of land where they can create a beautiful project considering the above-mentioned factors.

Well, we had a motivation for this write-up from one of the luxury home builders in Pune.

People at Kasturi Housing are developing their spaces for such a crowd by going far further than just offering a ‘comfortable’ home. Today, the brand has plush 2 million square feet of prime real estate and another 2 million is under development.

Kasturi Housing is famous for its luxurious 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi which are mostly preferred by people working in the IT sector.


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