How he learned…

Mr. Wise had been deployed in Jamaica by his company. He had a broken three year posting and was to advise his replacement.

Considering survival more important than documents and meetings, he began to describe how he had arrived, happy and open, kind and friendly.  And the first person who ripped him off was the Taxi driver who took him from the airport.



He explained that after being overcharged for the ride, he had entered the Hotel where the Front Desk staff seem preoccupied with their own lives.  He detailed how he had waited patiently in the Hotel Lobby for his room to be ready.  He editorialised by stating that the staff read this as him being stupid and an easy mark.

He went on to explain how the very taxi driver, whom he utilised during his stay had set him up to be mugged and robbed. He spoke about how after he came out of the hospital,  most of his possession had been stolen by the Hotel Staff.


He had wanted to leave Jamaica at that point, and his boss, tossing money at him, begged him to stay a little longer and  moved him to the head office in Kingston.

Mr. Wise now gave, what he considered the most vital part of his briefing.

As he landed in Kingston he told the Taxi driver exactly how much it cost from the airport to the hotel and paid him exactly that.

When he entered the Hotel he refused to wait for his room, spoke loud and angrily, and the manager quickly appeared, moved him into a better room, and had the staff apologise to him.


In the morning, Mr.Wise advised housekeeping exactly what he had in the room, (he pasted a list on the wall to avoid doubt) and made a loud announcement that if anything was missing he would not stop until the theives were arrested.

Leaving the hotel, he was taken to the office by the company driver.  As he reached his desk and was introduced to his secretary, Mr. Wise said;

“Miss Brown, I put up with no foolishness. Unless you are in a hospital, prison or the grave, no absences are allowed without permission. You are to be here when I arrive at Nine and stay here until I leave at Five. Your lunch is exactly one hour. You may leave your desk at 11:59 at the earliest and return at 1:01 at the latest.”

During the time Mr. Wise was stationed at that Office, he made no friends, he ran no joke, he did his job and associated only with those at his pay grade. He never complimented anyone, never allowed any breach. He kept himself as far as possible from the locals.

When he left, those at the Hotel held a little party for him, as was repeated at the office, as if he were beloved.

He explained all this to his replacement, Mr. Puff, who considered him a mean, cold, racist, and decided not to do anything he said.

Lamb to the slaughter.

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