How Connected TV advertising promotes brand awareness

Streaming video has become the most preferred way to consume content for millennials and Gen Z. And seeing as global retail currently hinges on these two demographics, it only makes sense that marketing budgets are focused on what makes today’s young audiences tick (and click). This is where CTV advertising comes into the picture.

Connected TV and OTT services pull the biggest audiences online given the high-quality content available. At present, advertising brands on these platforms is one of the most rewarding ways to promote brand awareness. With more people abandoning satellite and cable for CTV, it’s certainly a solid strategy. The ads are served just like on regular television but with more flexibility and without breaking the advertiser’s budget.

Of course, there are plenty of marketing services that offer CTV marketing. However, the beauty of digital marketing lies in the ability to make data-driven marketing decisions. Being able to monitor your ad campaigns from start to finish gives businesses the upper hand. A CTV ad platform makes this possible.

Benefits of using a CTV ad platform

Advanced targeted marketing

Generating brand awareness among key prospects is the objective of any advertising effort. A CTV ad platform ensures that the media selected by advertisers is displayed to their target market. When users sign up for CTV, they create profiles that advertisers can use to determine if a publisher’s audience could be potential customers.

Complete control

Justifying digital ad spend without evidence to support marketing department claims is a dead end. Today, digital ad spend is rising, but getting executives to allocate more of the budget without a visible ROI can be tricky. Taking your brands’ CTV advertising into your own hands ensures you have accurate information on campaigns first-hand.

With a demand-side ad platform, you can select the best media to meet business goals. By taking the front seat, you can plan ad campaigns using historical data and even pivot your strategy according to real-time results. You have access to first-hand and third-party publisher and consumer insights to improve your choice in ad media.

Lower media cost

In recent years the world of video advertising has been riddled with a plague of exorbitant prices. With intermediaries acting as gatekeepers to publishers, advertisers have to pay more for media. A large chunk of the fees goes to third-parties who are not actually adding any value but making advertising more expensive. A self-serve ad platform eliminates this scenario as it puts advertisers directly in contact with publishers.

Brands can utilize real-time bidding to get the media they want, choosing publishers that align with their brands. CTV and OTT have many players today, which results in competitively priced media. You simply have to know where to look.

Access to trustworthy publishers

CTV platforms host premium networks which deliver high-quality content to audiences. Brands can rest assured they are choosing only from reliable publishers. Thanks to the metrics provided by CTV advertising platforms, advertisers can easily verify the number of impressions their ads make and evaluate their approach.

Improved ad performance

CTV marketing leverages AI and machine learning technologies to match creatives and publisher devices. Advertisers accomplish more by bidding on various ad formats. As this approach to digital marketing pushes non-skippable and full-screen ads, there is a guarantee the audience won’t miss anything. CTV and OTT generally offer an environment which delivers high viewability for ads.

Increasing your reach with CTV advertising

With the right tools, CTV advertising can be a more reliable approach to digital marketing. Picking the right ad-buying platform for your brand requires you to consider whether you can make your creatives or need a little help. The best platforms offer businesses adequate support to run ad campaigns on their terms and within their budgets.

People access CTV channels through a wide range of devices, even on mobile. This helps increase brand exposure. CTV audiences keep growing, offering more ROI for advertisers taking this route. CTV advertising will give your brand access to more potential customers.

If you are looking to boost brand exposure and revenue, it’s worth taking a shot with CTV advertising. Take your advertising where the people are. Gain access to a wider audience with CTV ad placement.


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