How Carine Did It – 3

Joyce Neller was a thin sharp faced creature who looked more like an Android than anyone I’d ever seen. She stood before me with her head slightly titled back as if I smelled unpleasantly.

It was clear to me that she had a sense of superiority that filled the room.

I plastered a smile on my face when I was introduced to her.  I didn’t put out my hand nor did she.

Instead she said, “You can wipe that ridiculous smile off your face…”

I know she would say something like that to me.  Aware of it, I didn’t flick my smile just kept it on as if Neller hadn’t spoken.

She sneered,  turned away from me and said something insulting about having me escort her to the ‘pit’.

Keeping my smile I said, “Excuse me, where is that?”  in a voice so sweet it would kill a diabetic.  


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Written by jaylar

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