How Carine Did It – 1

I had been in the job for two weeks when our supervisor,  Valerie Roberts held the meeting.   It was informal, held in the coffee room.   She mentally counted us to make sure we were all there.

Things didn’t seem happy, considering the look on her face.

“We’re getting a visitor from Head Office…”  there were some moans, and I saw Valerie close her eyes for a moment when people started to cry, “No!”

Valerie nodded and with her eyes on the floor said, “Joyce Neller…”

The cries were now shouts and people around me were exclaiming,  some going towards the door, babbling about quitting or taking leave or making obscene remarks.

Valerie said whoever helped would get tomorrow off, but everyone was shouting so loud I don’t know if they heard her.

I, the newbie stood stupidly with big eyes, looking around then some one said, “Let Carine do it!”


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Written by jaylar

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