How can Organisations transform Customers into Brand Advocates?

For any organisation, nothing is more valuable than customers because they provide stability to the business. That’s why business owners always try to offer prodigious products and services.

Do you know when the door of success opens up for business owners? When customers start promoting the brand. However, turning customers into brand advocates isn’t easy as it is significant to surpass their expectations related to the quality of products and services.

For rendering impeccable support service, business owners often take the help of call centre outsourcing firms. This is really a safe approach, but organisations can turn customers into brand advocates by taking the following tips into consideration:

Give personalized solutions 

If you are running a business and willing to turn your customers into brand advocates, it is very crucial for you to provide personalised solutions during the support service interaction. It is so because personalised customer service often leads to the positive word-of-mouth, which consequently, builds the business’s brand image.

Here are some tips that would help you to surpass the customers’ expectations during the support service interaction:

  • Always try hard to reduce the average hold time.
  • Put the focus on achieving high FCR (first contact resolution) rate.
  • Provide reliable self-service option so that customers don’t have to wait during the peak hours for the resolution of trivial issues.
  • Tell support agents to use the CRM system so that there will be no need to make customers repeat any information during the interaction.

Learn from support service interaction mistakes 

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

—Winston Churchill

While running an in-house call centre, companies try hard so that they can deliver the best, but sometimes they make mistakes during the customer service interaction. Making mistakes isn’t a bad thing because the factor that matters is how much you learned from them.

Generally, customers are requested to give feedback after the support service interaction. After getting customer feedback, however, companies often put their focus on positive reviews so that those factors can be streamlined that had drawn the attention of customers.

But the aspect that can really help to increase the percentage of brand advocates is customers’ negative feedback. It is so because negative reviews can help to identify those factors that mainly affect the customer experience. After rectifying such factors, the quality of support service is more likely to amplify, which consequently, increases the odds of getting more brand promoters.

Check agents’ performance regularly 

The quality of customer service interactions totally depends on the performance of support agents. That’s why reputed call centre outsourcing companies monitor the performance of their customer service reps on the regular basis.

So, if you are running an in-house call centre, make sure that your agents are giving their best during the customer interaction. Of course, we aren’t saying that you should doubt the loyalty of your support service reps but it is very important to ensure that customers always get unmatched solutions as that’s the best way to turn them into brand advocates.


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