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Helpful Writing/Blogging Tips

When you have been writing, as long as,  I have you pick up good tricks to help you better organize your writing and make it better.  One of the best things about being a writer is other writers are very helpful and willing to give you tips and help you write even better.  Here are two helpful tips that will change the way you write for the better.

Tip # 1 Never Post an Article on the Day You Write the Article

Never post an article on the day you write the article.  This is tip is all about editing.  For me this tip was one I needed.  Everyone makes mistakes while they are writing.  We all edit our articles going through fixing the mistakes.  But, even the best writers can miss editing mistakes.  You can edit right after you finish the article.  But, reedit the article when it is not fresh in your head.  You can catch more mistakes this way.  Another trick is to read the article backwards.

Tip # 2  Get a Timer or Set an Alarm

Having a timer or setting an alarm is more for the bloggers who get lost in reading other peoples articles.  Many bloggers write for many websites plus have their own blogs.  Using a timer or alarm will help you give each place you write a certain amount of time.  This way you can get to all of your sites. Plus, it also helps with social media and sharing other people work.

I have been using these helpful tips, and I have noticed that I can get more done.  Using a timer really helped to make my work get more organized. I use many social media sites and belong to many writing groups.  Using the timer helped me to give them all some time.


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