Grow Your Retail Box Business by Following These Steps

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The packaging industry provides a series of opportunities to the new entrants. You can make your custom box packaging business grow by taking some strategic steps.


If you have recently launched a retail box business, making it a big success will be your topmost concern. The packaging industry is full of challenges but at the same time, it has unlimited growth opportunities. All you have to do is to make a proper strategy to achieve your objectives. Your custom box packaging plays an imperative role in growing your business. It makes your products sell by leaps and bounds. The packaging box manufacturers have an array of options to work on. They can design package boxes exceptionally to increase the visibility of your products. Premium quality printing takes your branding a step forward. Here we are going to highlight some of the useful steps to grow your retail box business:

•Expand to Other Locations:

Expanding your business to several new stores is a common growth strategy followed by many retailers. Set up your outlets in different locations to make your product packaging boxes sell more. This will facilitate you to widen your brand presence and reach new customers. Expanding your custom packaging business to new locations does not mean that you have to create carbon copies of your original store. Keep your branding processes the same, but introduce some creativity in each local store. This will make your products sell more by connecting with the shoppers more frequently.

•Work on Different Sales Channels:

If you do not have enough resources to open new stores, diversify your sales channel. For example, you may start selling your wholesale product packaging online. Make an e-commerce website of your business, promote it and try to increase your customer base. Although it takes some time but it will help in growing your business exponentially. Another interesting option is to join an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Hundreds of customers visit these sites to get their custom product packaging. Similarly, make your interface mobile friendly. More consumers today prefer to shop on the go. Expanding your business to mobile realms will not be much difficult if you already have an online store. These add-up revenue streams are a good way to grow your retail box business.

•Increase your Product and Service Offerings:

Adding up new items or services in your catalog is a helpful way to grow your business. This step is beneficial, especially in the case of custom packaging companies. As the packaging needs change over time, so the manufacturers have different options to introduce something new. Consider various box packaging ideas trendy in the market. If you design traditional auto lock boxes for product packaging, introduce other innovative options to make your product range attractive. For example, you may design wholesale window boxes, a folding box, or box die cuts to fascinate the audience more. When the customers are provided with a wide range of packaging solutions, this restrains them to switch to a competitors’ offering.

•Embrace the Power of Social Media:

Most of the marketing experts believe that social media is a buzz-builder for consumers as well as for wholesale businesses. It can affect a large audience in no time. The benefits are much larger than the cost of cardboard boxes. For this, first, build an online presence. Make it stronger by joining social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Join different groups and communities. Post interactive content to engage the customers. Pairing with the influencers of your field is an effective way to promote your cardboard packaging boxes wholesale business. Take advantage of content marketing by writing blogs. Upload the pictures of your packaging products. Make the short clips of your packaging processes and upload them as newsfeeds. Making product videos is also effective. Retail buyers prefer to see packaging products before making a purchase. This is an effective way to attract a large number of customers towards your retail box business.

•Earn Referrals by providing a Great Unboxing:

Another effective way to grow your packaging business is to earn more referrals. You can do this by providing a wonderful unboxing experience to the customers. Youtube is filled with hundreds of videos on unboxing of big brands. Your custom made boxes for products provide a great potential to work on it. Design them in a way that customers can’t wait to share their experience on social media.  A single satisfied customer can bring several others. In this way, you can earn more referrals to grow your business.


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