Greta Thunberg Explained

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This video talks about the Greta Thunberg situation as a set by Gates and Soros to push the global warming issue on the public. It appears to be an acting job. I have seen her before on Youtube, but I never really paid much attention to her or followed her videos. She is from a theatrical family, where her mother is an opera singer, while her father and sister are actors. Greta has autism, selective mutism, and OCD issues.

So, this speech at the UN is probably staged. Her speech does sound a little scripted and overdramatized. She is probably a crisis actor. But this video claims she is under MK-Ultra mind control to promote push this agenda on the public.

He even adds that the Emmys 2019 was overpromoting gay and trannie agenda, in which I also blogged about as well in my Emmys post.

Three Mile Island nuclear plant has shut down, while Chernobyl limited series won a lot of awards on the Emmys 2019. (I am not aware of any of the movies and actors, probably because I don’t watch any of the channels).

Yeah, I thought she was overdoing it with the passionate speech and overdramatized acting. She is described as a “rebel with a cause.”

I wonder if her acting family are getting paid for all this…

The “How Dare You” speech is overdramatized…


What do you think?

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  1. I’m sorry, but this point of view is completely wrong – another bit of Trump-era Americanism that tries to downplay the environmental crisis and pretend that nothing is wrong by denigrating anyone who tries to wake people up to what is really happening.

    Greta Thunberg is an entirely genuine person who has only one end to view – to do everything she can to get the world off its backside and make it take real action.


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