Give it Time – 70

Mike reflected on his first months at the Law Firm.   He had been virtually commanded to arrive early to leave long after quitting time, and even to come in on weekends.

The Law Firm was the highest rated, he had felt it was an honour,  a reward to be there, but within two months he hated his job, his life, his feeling of being  abused by the Seniors.   

To get away he developed  the Friday Flu.    He’d claim to be ill on Friday, so not come in, which gave him not merely one day off but a whole weekend.

After his first ’bout’  he insured he would have the Friday Flu at least once a month.

Further, after the first ‘infection’  he learned to  lock off his phone for the office would keep calling him.

Mike remembered missing  many social occasions, arriving late, at the best of times… having no life at all, save the job.

The pressure was enormous. Whether having to do research, carry a Senior’s books to Court, draft documents, it was as if eating lunch was goofing off.


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Written by jaylar

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