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Sunday, 7.5.20

The saga continues, as more people get arrested and more names come out. Will Ghislaine reveal names for a lower sentence? Will she become suicided to silence her? Will someone bail her out? 

#1 New photo involves royal family in Epstein scandal | WION News

Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Donald and Melania Trump were friends with Jeffrey Epstein. But this video is about the Royals’ involvement with Epstein.

It makes sense that Bill Clinton enjoyed Epstein's girls because Hillary is obviously a lesbian, and I am sure he had many affairs with many women of all ages, including Monica L. 

Ghislaine and Kevin were at the Royals' Palace, which indicates Epstein's close connections with the Royals for friendship and business. 

Ehud Barak, Bill Clinton, Leslie Wexner, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Alan Dershowitz appear to be connected to Ghislaine Maxwell.

#2 Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell | 60 Minutes Australia

This interesting 60 Minutes Australia summarizes of Epstein’s Pedo Island.

Prince Andrew always seems to deny allegations, such as being with Virginia Roberts. But he admits he was on the Lolita Express, Pedo Island, and Jeffrey’s home.

Some of Jeffrey’s teenage female victims had braces, which made people suspicious because most real models don’t have braces.

Jeffrey is described as charming and friendly, enabling him to coax and lure young teenage girls over 100 teenage hopeless girls into pedophilia/modeling business.

I think Prince Andrew lies as much as Bill Clinton. 


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