Fake or Real? Does it really matter that much?

Tuesday, 7.2.19

Since I have shopped in outlets since the 80s, I decided to check out these videos for fun. I also some in malls, especially when they have sales. 

This video compares designer merchandise at retail and outlets. I don’t really see much difference. I like outlet merchandise. I am happy with everything I bought at outlets. I did buy merchandise from J. Crew outlet near Seattle, back in 1995. I still have them, probably because I mostly shop for the look.

Fake or Real? Can you spot the difference? I probably cannot, unless it is very obvious, and some are. But if it still looks good, even though it is obviously fake, I would probably still buy it for the look anyway. So, it all really depends on how much you like the product and if you feel it is worth the price.

I added a snapshot of my Karl Lagerfeld purse and Kendall+Kylie chihuahua purse decor which I bought on sale at a Saks 5th OFF store. The clear iphone jacket at the corner of the picture is also one of the sale purchases at Saks 5th OFF. I later noticed that the chihuahua is promoting the Illuminati on its white and black bandana, filled with one-eye, upside down star, and 3 stars next to each other. It is funny. But it is interesting purse decor, and it was 70% off on the sale price.


What do you think?


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