Exposing the Luciferianism and Illuminati Connection

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Vlogger Tiffany FitzHenry interviews whistleblower Mattie Nabozny about the Illuminati. Matty is also an SRA survivor, which is abuse by catholic priest. The catholic church was grooming him to be an exorcist.

Wow, he agrees with me that Wizard of Oz is filled with masonic symbolism.

This video is about this earth controlled by Luciferian. It all started with Nimrod, whose birthday is coming up soon on that December 25th holiday. Knight Templar split from Catholic Church and made pact with Lucifer. Knight Templars are constantly fighting with Jesuits. Constantine wasn’t a Christian. The Roman Empire never fell. It is all about power and money. When America was founded, Roman Catholics couldn’t enter.

The earth and weather are changing in weird ways.

The USA Government has been infiltrated by Zionists to corrupt this earth and society for the New World Order Agenda and One World Zionist Government, enslaving the whole earth under one satanic and Zionist entity government.

Freemasonry was satanic from the start. They kill off anyone who exposes their secrets.

The Luciferian philosophy is about becoming a god, like Nimrod tried to do. But no one can be God or revival God, or they will go straight to Hell with their maker Lucifer.

Hollywood comes from ancient druid days, which is no wonder because they have always promoted witchcraft and satanism in some way, such as Bewitched, Disney, Wizard of Oz, and many others.

Jim Carrey is the High Priest of Hollywood. He was selected from bloodlines for programming and other reasons. I have also heard that Madonna is High Priestess. He also states that Glen Close is High Priestess. Every thing happens for a reason, because they do everything for a particular reason. Many people in Hollywood are actually sacrificing and eating babies. That ugly Zionist cunt Sarah Silverman has connections with all this filth, in which I am not surprised because she sucks to begin with anyway. Hollywood is like a satanic cult, which involves CIA programming and MK-Ultra mind control.

This stuff makes sense. If celebrities don’t do what they are supposed to or they start exposing stuff, then you will see them on the TV news arrested, or in some kind of controversy to shut them up, before they eventually are killed them off. That is why you often see some celebrities acting off on TV or just acting exceptionally strange, even for them, to make them look like nutcases to their fans.

Sci Fi genre, novels, movies, and advertising are all embedded with dark information and Zionism.

Dali was a high-ranking freemason, using masonic ideas into his artwork.

Marilyn Manson is another satanic programmer. His first album was recorded in Tate house, where Charles Manson did his murders.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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