Exposing Powerful Pedo Networks

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Alternative Media Youtube interviews, where Shaun Attwood interviews Nick Byrant and Ryan Dawson interviews Shaun Attwood. Alternative independent media are collaborating together to expose the truth to the masses on the internet.

#1 Trafficked Kids At White House Orgies Under Reagan-Bush: Nick Bryant

Shaun Attwood interviews Nick Bryant about Epstein’s trafficked young people at the White House for sexual orgies, under the Reagan and Bush eras.

He states that truth can be more fictional than actual fiction. It is often overdone because the Zionist creators are desperate to push their agenda, which is filled with lies, to the retards dumb enough to believe stupid things. Actual fiction tends to be more entertaining, and might even be more believable, because it appears more naturally created for the fictional entertaining story to appear believable fiction. (That is why I use real ideas in my fictional novel in order to make it appear believable, even though my novels are purely fiction for entertainment purposes).

#2 Epstein’s Honey Trap Op Continues Ryan Dawson Shaun Attwood 2

Ryan Dawson interviews Shaun Attwood. They discuss that there are many more names that are not yet exposed in order to dismantle the whole corrupt pedophile system. There are many powerful pedo networks working together, which makes the powerful.

That is why it is important for people to get together and work together, which will make the public more powerful. 


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