Epstein Island Symbolism

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The cube-shaped building on Epstein’s Pedo Island has blue and white stripes, as well as topped with a gold dome and surrounded by palm trees, which looks like ancient Egyptian pagan symbolism that the Illuminati and Zionists worship. There are gold statues on the cube as well as around it, probably of pagan gods. There are underground tunnels underneath the temple. The temple has a dungeon, in the underground tunnels, where young girls are raped and tortured. The temple’s blue stripes symbolize the luciferian transgenerational elite cult infiltrate societies and religious groups in order to promote satanism for the New World Order One World Religion and 666-microchip for a cashless society (which is One World Currency). Others involved are the Zionist Rothschilds and Zionist Windsors.

Rachel Chandler is also Ray Chandler, who is a Child Handler.

The video notes Jeffrey Epstein had very small teeth. I don’t think that means anything because many people have small teeth, including me and the Youtuber Justine Leconte.

The red shoes that pope wears are made from human skin, mostly like from a baby or child.

Britany Spears, Richard Gere, and models from a Model Agency are all involved.

Check out the list on Epstein’s little black book…many celebrities were friends with him.

Ellen Barkin tweeted about Guislane Maxwell as Epstein’s sex trafficking pimp.

Mark Zuckerberg, or Jacob Greenberg, tweets about his experience on Little St James Island as “Ingesting the adrenochrome, however, is as enjoyable a human activity as any I have yet engaged it.”

Miley Cyrus is also friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Gates was also a satisfied customer on Epstein’s Island.

David Koch was on Epstein Island, although he died at 79.


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