Epstein Butler Spills Beans on Prince Andrews, Bill Gates, & Others

Saturday, September 28, 2019

As Shaun Attwood states, even though the Epstein Case has been closed because these criminals are above the law, new information will continue to come out. We will probably eventually know everything, even though they aren’t likely going to convicted for their crimes. Remember, Elite Criminals are “special.”

Epstein’s friends include many as guests at his Parisian residence. Belinda and Bill Gates were also guests. He presented Prince Andrews, Barak, and Gates were with very thin, tall and young girls to entertain his elite friends.

And, all these elite criminals have a charity to hide behind, while they still enjoy their private sexual parties. (Heath Ledger in his movie, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, exposes celebrities’ fake charities and fake marriages for their image and further promotions. No wonder he was killed off during the making of the movie, which embedded scenes of “The Hanged Man,” which have to do with being a traitor against the people who he worked for by exposing their ‘dirty deeds done dirt cheap.’ Oh, the sounds like lyrics from an AC/DC song).

I see my whole life flashing before eyes on the internet, as I continue to watch videos and internet surf…


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