Employee Motivation

What is it that motivates the employees to give his best to the company? Is it rewards, incentives, appreciation, trust, fear or work atmosphere?

There is actually no one answer. I would say that it is rather a combination of all the factors. Every individual has different psychology. For some, it may be rewards while for other it may be appreciation.

Salary and incentives are very important for sure. After all, one works for a living to provide the best for his family. But apart from incentives, praise & appreciation for an accomplishment also is a big motivation. Recognition of your hard work and performance inspires you to work better and also inspires others to do the same.

Loyalty is another factor. If you are loyal to the organization then you will want to contribute to its growth. Also if your employers have faith in your abilities then you will want to maintain that trust.  A good work atmosphere plays a big role in employee motivation. A place where you spend almost 8-9 hours every day must be a place where you love to be.

But what about fear? To a limited extent, fear is ok to make the employees adhere to the rules and regulations. But beyond a limit, fear demotivates and suffocates. Fear, distrust, a suspicious work atmosphere signals the downfall of the organization. Even the psychologists have proved that rewards & appreciation work better for employee motivation than fear.


What do you think?


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