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Dress For Success

I know that most people have heard the statement “Dress for success” but still don`t understand what it means. After all there are many different jobs and not all require a suit and tie or a dress.

Now, this is what you have to do. You have to pick clothing that will reflect the business you work for, or are applying. While I aim this to women, well, because I am a woman it does apply to men also.

You do not want to show up at a farm in a dress and high heels to pick seasonal fruits, you will be laughed at and sent away. You want to wear jeans, or shorts that reach the knee, and a t-shirt. Work boots or tennis shoes. Now! that is appropriate.

Same goes with if you are applying for a job at a bar. You do not want to go in looking like you are going to church, or that you are working in the fields. A nice pair of slacks and a nice blouse, showing some cleavage but leaving some skin to the imagination and flat shoes.

A business office? A nice suit with the skirt length to the knee and a white blouse underneath, no cleavage! A smart heel, maybe 1/2 to 1 inch. No suit? do the same, just no jacket.

Another thing that will turn a potential boss away is either to much makeup, no one wants to hire a clown! Unless you are applying for a clown job.

Body odor? NO! we do not want to leave a trail of scent behind.  No body odor and absolutely do not use perfume. I have actually not hired a person because of their cologne because I did not want to smell that everyday.

Hair. Now this is one of those things that comes with the work. If you work around food or drinks, up and in a bun or ponytail, that is usually a must by the city inspectors. Some places do not allow men with long hair, some do not care.


Before you go out to an interview, or stop in for an application, dress for success! First impressions do matter.

By Andria Perry

Photos by Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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