Demotivation – 4

One of the things employers must teach themselves is NOT to demotivate employees. To be fully conscious of the possibility and to take all steps possible to insure that no thing is allowed to kill the loyalty, connection or sense of worth.

When people are reduced to ‘cogs’ int he machine, when they are treated as wage slaves, when their ideas are slapped away as garbage, they often can’t quit.  If they could, they would.

As an abused spouse, they don’t instantly see the abuse. They find excuses, and reasons and distractions.  When the abused spouse can admit the vicitimisation, the possibility of escape is present.  The same with the employee.

When that worker can say I am being abused here, then another job is looked for. And in between that realisation and leaving, that employee will be demotivated and often unwork.

Unwork is a term which signifies particular behaviour. It is not simply not working, it is doing things or letting things be done which damages the business.

To be blunt, it is less expensive for the business to pay the unworker to stay home.


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  1. But if the pay of the worker is related to how much actual the worker produces then there is no unwork as the worker won’t get paid if no work is done! If the salesman on commission doesn’t make a sale, then he earns no money and even if he doesn’t like the company he has to work to earn any money at all!

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