Custom Handle Boxes Are Easy To Carry And Convenient For Packaging

Every product based business want to give their product a unique packaging that can give an staggering experience to the buyer. It helps them make the product presentation unique and to win the hearts of customers with the packaging style and layout. One of the most unique add-on that makes these packaging unique is handle on the boxes. Its sole purpose is to carry products easily but it also adds to the style and outlook of the box and customers love to carry their products home in these boxes. The whole box structure become interesting when a handle is attached on the top, the addition of handle on demand and with the given specification is called customization.

Custom handle boxes are useful for the restaurants and food take away businesses because its weight is very optimal to carry in the boxes. Snack bars and take away restaurants have products like fries, burgers, and sandwiches that are offered to the customers in custom handle boxes wholesale so that they can carry the edibles easily to their destination. The restaurants also promote their brand by printing the name of their restaurant on the boxes which enable them to promote their food brand in the public.

Material used for custom handle boxes

Handle boxes are made from cardboard material which enable them to be printed in attractive colors and printing designs. Whether it is digital printing, offset printing or lithographic, cardboard is prone of all printing techniques and methods. Cardboard is also used for labeling and for printing colorful images on the boxes. Apart from cardboard, custom handle boxes are also made from Kraft which is recyclable and biodegradable. The different between both materials is the printing capabilities of cardboard whereas the Kraft provides the advantage of getting recycled after use.

Talking about the strength, the cardboard offer more strength as compared to Kraft and can be added with inserts and partition to carry juice bottles. These kinds of boxes are called bottle boxes with handle as their sole purpose is to carry juice and water bottles. The partition in the bottle boxes enable the manufacturers to sale as many bottles as they want. Inserts can make boxes carry 3 to 6 bottles at a time which proves beneficial for the manufacturers as well. This lightweight packaging solution cannot be made with any material other than cardboard.

Custom handle boxes wholesale in Gable shape

Gable is a special shape of cardboard boxes that has a structure like a house. Gable boxes are mostly used for gifts and favor packaging and are also common for fast food. Its unique shape always takes an edge on the other shapes of cardboard boxes which makes them a special kind of box. Gable boxes are added with a handle on top which adds to the value of the product packed in it. The handle on the top of gable box makes it look fancy and stylish which customers love to see on the retail stores.

Gable boxes with handle are used to present treat in the events like birthdays, Christmas and Easter. They can be printed with the theme and color of the specific event which makes them a perfect gift carrier on that celebration days. Red and white theme along with the Santa Claus image printed on the box is used to carry candies, chocolates and treats on the Christmas day. Similar themed gable boxes with handle are used for other celebration events as well.

Different shapes and styles of custom handle boxes wholesale

Customization allows the manufacturers to add handles in a stylish way to increase the appeal of their product packaging. Therefore, handles are made in round edges as well as in the form of tulip that gives a brilliant unboxing experience to the customer. All the box shapes like rectangular, cube or square, can be attached with a handle but they are specially added on gable and pillow boxes to make them enticing and beautiful.

Add-ons for handle boxes

Custom handle boxes also added with die cut window especially in the retail packaging. It makes it easy for the customers to make the buying decision by looking the product inside. Some food items like pastry and desserts are packed inside handle boxes with window that crave the customers to pick and eat the edibles. Other add-ons that are applied on the handle boxes include finishing options like matte, gloss, UV coating, foiling and lamination. All the finishing add-ons are applied to minimize the roughness and to add shine to the box outlook. Spot UV on the printed text is also applied to make the logo prominent.


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