Connecting with Social Science Graduates

Thursday, November 15, 2018

I drove out of my garage, and I noticed a very bright sun outside at 8:30 am. It looked like summertime. There was less traffic this morning, which was nice. There were only two women in today’s yoga class, besides the female instructor. I am not sure if there will be classes next week during the holiday. But I will be busy with four different hiking meetups for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I might also window shop and people watch at the mall during Black Friday event.

I have a party invitation for this evening. I checked out a UCI Social Science Alum Happy Hour party at Gunwales.  Only 10 out of 40 people showed up in the two hours. I chatted with other Social Science graduates to see what they are doing after college. It was noted that Social Science is the biggest major at UCI with over 50,000 graduates. I drank a glass of dark ale with citrus twist. But I thought it had an apricot or peach flavor.

At 7:30 pm, as I drove home, I noticed the holiday lights by the South Coast Plaza mall. Sears department store is now closing. I felt lightheaded from one glass of ale. But I was still able to drive.

After one glass of beer, I felt happy within two hours.


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