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Congeniality Persona in Business Transactions

Business is so diverse for the people involved. It wasn’t a piece of cake in dealing with business transactions. The congeniality persona is a part for the employees to incorporate in salesmanship and leadership along the way to success. The allotted budget for the target clients needs to be maximized in closing the best deals.

1. Entertainment with the Clients

The best part is to give full delight in eating out with the clients. Choosing the best restaurants in town would do the trick. For some foreign clients, authentic restaurants serving the best menu on the table would give a great impression.

2. Free Time Hobby

Researching personal hobbies of the clients can give an idea of how to close a deal. It was like befriended with the clients in engaging in their favorite hobbies such as playing sports, reading books, or clubbing in town. It depends on what type of client’s hobbies. For such a strategy, it could help to sign a contract with them.

3. Socialization with Colleagues

Foreign or local colleagues, it is also nice for them to socialize once in a while. Drinking spree is commonly offered while singing in karaoke bars. The bonding moment will strengthen the basic foundation of business transactions. It is always fun to work with colleagues and take grounds for what’s really targeting for the closing of deals.

4. Come Across with a Business Friend

For some occasions, former business clients can still ignite a new set of projects after having previous business deals. Quick patching up the loss of communication over a cup of coffee in a café is still an old-fashioned thing to do, but it is an effective way.

5. Ask for a Business Proposal

After having previous business deals, connections were being established and can have future deals when asking for a business proposal. It might not be handy at this point in time. However, it can be used in future projects.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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