Comet Infowave: How ‘work from home’ is making ‘Tuesday’ feel like a ‘Saturday’

Imagine this: You are sitting on your couch, wearing your favorite PJs, working with your MacBook, as you sip a cup of coffee. Fascinating, isn’t it? This is a possibility in the world of ‘work from home’!

Working from home is usually undermined by offices who stick to regular 9-to-5 jobs. They think of it as a way devised by the employees to avoid hard work and get out from under the management’s watchful eyes. However, various studies conducted by eminent researchers have time and again proved that ‘work from home’ is beneficial not only for employees, but also for organizations.

With a lot of companies like Comet Infowave, First Data, etc., offering ‘work from home’ jobs to people, people across the globe are considering working from home as a viable career option. This setup is especially beneficial to students, the elderly and women.

The list of perks that come with working from home are endless. “You can work from anywhere, at any time. Your office needn’t be a cubicle; it can be anything from your writing desk to your dinner table. You can also work while you are out for a vacation to a distant corner of the world,” quips an employee at Comet Infowave.

“And that’s not it. You are practically your own boss. You get to choose what tasks you want to take up for a given day, or at what time will you be up and about. Moreover, there’s no hassle of having to commute great distances just to reach your office. With ‘work from home’, your office comes to you, and I think it’s great!” he added further.

There is more to the nascent setup than that meets the eye. Since you don’t have colleagues around , you’ll find yourself developing the skill of looking for answers all by yourself. Far away from office politics, you can grow – personally as well as professionally.


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Written by Alok

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  1. Lol, I’ve a friend who told me “bosses are stupid” – they need to see you working to think you’re working, even if you produce less work… this is of course exaggerated but still … I think the most restrictive and uncreative way to be stuck in a place (that you’re sometimes uncomfortable from 9-5) … More time and money could be saved if one doesn’t need to travel to and fro…

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