Can a person with bad credit history apply for debt consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation loans come under personal loans which are unsecured loans taken by the borrowers to pay off multiple debts at once. The borrower can combine his multiple debts into one single debt and can pay off all the liabilities all at one go. It will save the borrower from paying interest rates for multiple smaller debts and finance costs.

If the borrower has debts with higher interest rates, then most of the savings will be gone for paying just the interest, which will make it difficult for the individual to pay off the loan amount. This debt consolidation is a great way to get low-interest rate loans and pay off multiple debts or liabilities. By paying all at once, the debt amount can be cleared really quick with less amount of money paying for the interest rate.

A person with a bad credit history means he has a credit score below 600. Only a few lenders offer debt consolidation loans for individuals who have a bad or poor credit history. Borrowers can avail the loan from the lender and clear all their debts at once with getting the loan amounts at a lower interest rate.

Where can borrowers with bad credit get debt consolidation loans?

As we have already discussed, there are only a few lenders who offer loans to bad credit borrowers.

1. Credit unions: They are non-profit financial institutions that offer more flexible terms and conditions, lower interest rates, and best offers than other lenders or banks. These credit unions are more into serving individuals rather than to earn profits. The borrower has to join the credit unions in order to get the loan, where there are few requirements to be met by the individual.

2. Online lenders: They are the lenders who provide loans online and give it really quick. The whole process from applying for the loan, lender contacting the borrower, disposal of cash in the bank account is done online without much delay. May be few online lenders might charge a fee for the online charges which are typically deducted from the loan amount.

How to manage the debt consolidation loan after taking?

1. Stop using credit cards: You avail debt consolidation loan to clear your multiple debts at once, so avoid taking up another debt by going for credit cards which will affect your credit score. You should bear the burden of paying the credit card bills also.

2. Have a balanced budget: Have control over your expenses by building a budget plan and track the expenses and payments accordingly, so that you don’t run into losses.

Reasons to use debt consolidation loans

1. No collateral required: Debt consolidation loan is an unsecured loan. In order to avail of the loan, the borrower is not required to put any collateral with the lender. Loans are given based on other elements like income status and trustworthiness.

2. Instant cash approval: Lenders will approve the loan request really quickly and the borrower will receive the amount in the bank account immediately after approval.

3. Can pay multiple debts: With debt consolidation, the borrower can clear off all his debts and pay the interest rate only for one loan. this saves him a lot of money.

4. No collateral required: These loans are unsecured loans, where the collateral is not required to put as surety. The borrower shouldn’t be worried about losing his property or asset upon the non-payment of the loan amount.

5. Improves credit score: When all the debts are paid off all at once and on time, then this will improve the credit score that reflects in the credit report.

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