Business Industries That Are Nailing with the On-Demand Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are replacing the traditional way of business much faster than anticipated. Businesses are offering various services through a couple of applications which empowers us to get instant provisioning of products or services. Uber offered the fastest way to hail a ride from our doorstep, the way businesses provide the supply, perceive demand, and deliver the goods has totally changed due to Uberization. 

There is no doubt that Uberization has gained huge popularity and has become the most talked-about term in the business industries during the last few decades. Nowadays, most people use a smart application to hire stylists, therapists, plumbers, etc. Some of the experts strongly believe that business industry is going to experience the vast shift in the way the sharing economy.

Popular Mobile Applications Which Achieved New Heights of Success 

Everyone was attracted towards the on-demand economy after the great success of uber, on-demand economy had brought economic revolution throughout the business industry. Listed below are some of such business industries which have gained immense success in their field after leveraging the possible features of the on-demand mobile applications to their business.

Doctor on Demand App

Doctor on-demand application was invented with the motive to heal broken America’s healthcare industry. This application was developed with the idea of providing a quick service to the patients who are in need of it.  This application connects the patients with certified physicians as per their convenience. It offers the best platform through which the patient can easily chat with the doctors through the video chat board within two minutes. This application is successfully operating in 47 US states and recently it has launched a mental health service for those people who are facing a psychological problem like trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.


DoorDash is one of the best food delivery applications that has attracted everyone’s attention because it has gained immense success in short duration of time. DoorDash prefers to use logistics services which help to offer food delivery from restaurants as per the demands of the customers. Doordash is successfully operating its food delivery services in more than 500 cities and 40 markets worldwide. It offers personalized services to the needed users through its delight scoring system, which represents the delivery quality for all the restaurants on its app solution. 


TaskRabbit is one of the excellent service applications which connects task poster(the user who needs the service) with professional service providers. This service is catching more and more attention these days as the people those want the professional for completing their daily chores can easily find the helping hand using this application. Task rabbit offers the platform to appoint experts for house cleaning chores at the customer’s convenience. This on-demand service application is presently operated in more than 19 cities and it had brought a drastic transformation in the way people used to ask for their home chores.

Wag App

Wag is one of the popular on-demand dog walking applications that had made dog ownership much easier than ever before. With the help of this application dog owners can easily demand various services like dog walking, dog boarding, and dog sitting services whenever they need it. Wag was launched in Los Angeles and offers around the clock customer support. if you are a pet lover and want to offer the service than just own the application like wag clone, you need to hire developers who can develop a feature-rich application for you through which you can easily satisfy the needs of the users who want the best for their pets.

Handy App

The handy application connects the individual’s user with the one who is ready to offer the cleaning service as per the user’s demand. It connects them to the nearby jack of all trades, it is one of the perfect solutions for movers, cleaners, plumber, carpenter, etc. The customers can easily demand the service they want through the application and the nearby service provider can accept their service quest if they want and can offer their affordable service to them.


Grofers is offering the best platform for the users who want to buy goods without leaving the comfort of their houses. It is currently providing its service in 17 urban areas. Apart from offering basic needs Grofers also moves home and kitchen embellishments, foods are grown from the ground, home items, outfitting, personal consideration, the family unit requires items and many more. It was established in 2013 in Gurgaon city and has gained popularity among the users

With the invention of smartphones and applications, customers can easily buy or sell anything they want that also anywhere and anytime. They just need to download the application on either their smartphone or laptop through which they can search for anything as per their requirement. The internet has opened new doors of unlimited choices to the customers, various websites and applications are ready to spoil the customer by offering their best service as per the demand. And if you want to stay in the competitive market and want to satisfy the needs of your customers than hurry up and opt for mobile application solution for your business.


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