BPO’s progression towards Business Process Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Process Services (BPS) are alternative expressions for each other. There is a mere line of differentiation between the two, which companies need to understand. The traditional BPO services have transformed today to be called as BPS. This necessary evolution is something where outsourcing has broadened its boundaries and now cater to give other benefits too apart from just call center services. BPS is aimed to be moving gradually towards custom-made digital exchanges meant to solve business issues, meeting real needs, and providing actual value.

This paradigm shift of BPO to BPS does not mean that call center outsourcing has no future as BPO services are of immortal nature and will be expected by businesses in the future to come. Companies will anyway require call center services, however, this change and expansion of services show the need for digitalized and automated outsourcing service for businesses today.

From when BPO started around 20 years before, to today where it has reached a long way with excelling results, it has always served businesses. Business Process Outsourcing continues to contribute to the Indian economy the same way as before. This shift is a transition from a service provider towards a strategic planner that helps businesses plan and excel in their business functions, BPO evolved. Now, BPS offers a number of outsourcing models that will help businesses meet their long-term strategic goals with bringing them success.

After the advent of BPS, companies taking its service can evaluate their objectives, keep a check over costs, scale operations, minimize threats, think of adding business efficiency and much more. Companies now can even analyze the models that can work the best for their success and take services as per their needs. Several operations can be outsourced, like human resource, finance and accounting, web/app development, etc.

When we go by definition, defining the difference between the two:

BPO: Business Process Outsourcing are outsourced services delivered by the hired external vendor for various business-related functions. The main emergence of BPO was to outsource call center services, as most companies wanted their customers to be handled by experts where the agents could answer their queries easily maintaining the customers’ interest.

BPS: Professional Business Process Services are the functions outsourced to companies that are expert in giving outsourced services. In BPS, operations that are not the core functions of an organization are outsourced, so that the in-house expert have free time to focus on other tasks that are of core interest and affect business development.

Ending statement:

The main goal of BPS is to drive funds and save much expense for businesses to help them use the same at the time of development operations. BPS also looks forward to enhancing business value, deliver benefits for standardization, bring better results with platform-based services and much more. BPS uses Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) to give business benefits. You can choose a platform that suits your business needs and enjoy the perks of BPS.


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Written by Angela Hooper

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