Blow Back – 11

Sandy Silver read with some surprise, the job offer made by Oliver, and knew something was wrong.

Her boss, Dylan had left for a late lunch with Emily and  had not returned.Out of no where, Oliver Alveranga appears with a fantastic job offer.

Something about the timing, the money  set off Sandy’s ‘radar’. She had more than a feeling that Dylan wanted her to leave this job. The only reason would be Emily.

Sandy was fully conscious of her appearance, presentation, and allure.  Although Emily was attractive, if both of them entered a room together, everyone would look at Sandy.

Clearly, Emily felt  threatened, so put pressure on Dylan to fire her. Dylan didn’t want to fire her so had Oliver make her an offer. In this way, Sandy wouldn’t be fired, Sandy would  resign.

As Sandy reflected, Dylan returned to the office. She decided to play out the hand. She  printed her resignation, placed it on his desk when he stepped out, then back  to her office and began to pack.


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Written by jaylar

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