Blow Back – 10

Before Dylan returned to the office he called a friend of his,  Oliver. He told him to offer Sandy Silver a job at a higher wage.

Oliver had known Sandy for years and considered her fantastic, often telling Dylan how if he had someone like Sandy he’d be three times more successful.

Oliver didn’t ask what or when or why. He composed an offer and raced to Dylan’s office, making a last call to insure that Dylan would not be there.

Getting the clearance, Oliver came into the lobby and when his eyes hit Sandy,  as always he was impressed. How beautiful she was, how well dressed, how clearly she spoke.

Sandy greeted him and took him to her office. After a bit of banter he handed her the offer.

She read it, and told him she’d think about it.

A bit of easy chat, and Oliver left.

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Written by jaylar

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