Bayer verbally agrees to settle RoundUp cases

Back on April 1st of this year, Bayer claimed that they were going to settle all of the lawsuits placed against them due to people contracting cancer due to using the weedkiller RoundUp, which is manufactured by Monsanto.  However, Bayer must have thought that playing an April Fools Day joke on everyone was going to bring laughter during this global pandemic.  Nevertheless, Bayer decided to reverse their decision two days later by continuing to litigate all of the cases.

At the time, there was around 45,000 cases against Bayer and Monsanto.  Instead of paying the proposed settlement amount of ten billion dollars (USD), Bayer decided to delay all of these cases due to Covid-19.  That two month delay will now cost them because the number of cases against Bayer and Monsanto has now jumped up to 80,000.

Now, Bayer verbally agrees to settle all of the RoundUp cases.  The amount will still be set at ten billion dollars (USD) with some of the funds set away for future litigation.  However, all of the appeals that are working their way into federal courts in which Bayer has paid out over two billion dollars (USD).  Their only hope to cap their liabilities at the amount of 10 billion dollars (USD) is to allow for these cases to go all the way to the US Supreme Court.  Although the herbicide has been scientifically proven to be a carcinogen, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still views that RoundUp as being harmless.  

Instead of using RoundUp to kill the weeds in your garden, a more viable option and a cheaper option to spray on weeds would be vinegar.

Source:  Fortune Magazine – click here for the link.


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