Around 15,000 RoundUp lawsuits settled by Bayer

Bayer announced that the corporation has settled 15,000 lawsuits with consumers that contracted cancer from using the weedkiller manufactured by Monsanto Monday evening.  RoundUp remains on store shelves even though there are still over 75,000 cases that are still in litigation.  Americans, be wary of buying this product so that your cells do not mutate.

Even though the scheduled deal is that Bayer has to shell out over $11 billion (USD), their stock went up.  Why would their stock go up when they have not even finished litigation of all of the RoundUp claims.  Plus, Bayer still has to go to bat for Monsanto in regards to all of the pending dicamba court cases on file throughout the USA as pesticides that are made by Monsanto have ravaged the fields of farmers for decades.


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