And Comes the Fourth Generation – 44

The  girls of Room 10 gave Hepzibah the keys to their room.  Hepzibah had a friend of a friend who needed a room.

‘No one’ knew  Room 10 was empty.   That is ‘No One’ of any authority.  The few tenants, those who stayed over Spring and Summer Break,  knew, of course.  They knew everything.

Unlike the victims who would come in for the first time in September, they knew Odette stole so they carefully itemised their possessions and money and would instantly go after Odette.   Odette knew better than to steal from them.

With no Matron present, with Odette wandering in after 10 am and out before 4 pm, spending her time watching television in the Matron’s  house, Hepzibah had no difficulty in renting the room and collecting the money.

As  Hepizbah was in the cheapest room, sharing with two others, paying1/3rd of the rent.  She rented room 10 at full price.  This meant every month, from April until August, she would gain three month’s rent.

When the gas tanks were discovered stolen who would think of the girls in Room 10?   No one even knew they were gone.  And probably, maybe two months down the line,  one of the Board members might realise that no rent had been paid.

No matter how she looked at it, Hep was sure she’d get at least three months rent from Room 10.


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