Anarchists in Seattle Making Political Statement

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Anarchists in Seattle continue occupying their CHAS or CHOP section, as they slowly start running out of vegan food. They are making a political statement about life in America, as it is becoming more and more obvious how America was really created and how certain groups of people have been treated ever since for Zionists took control over America. They sound fed up with the continuous lies and corruption, and this One World Lockdown and Cornyflu Plandemic probably made it even more obvious than ever because more and more people have been waking up to the truth.

CHAZ is occupied by 500 protestors, trying to make a political statement. I don’t think they are traitors. They are just trying to express the truth. “Listen to the protests across the country, and one message comes through. America is an illegitimate nation founded on theft and murder, and it does not need reform, but rather revolution.”  But I feel that destruction and violence aren’t the right answer.

When I visited Seattle in 1995, I noticed it is a big and diverse city. There are Native Americans, African Americans, and African Muslims, as well as other races.

It is interesting that they learned how to do this occupation from the Zionists they are fighting against who stole America from Native Americans, as these Zionists have continued to do this to other countries, such as Vietnam, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, etc, in order to take over other countries. The illegitimate state of Zionist Israel has been destroying Palestine since 1948, as they continue to live on stolen land. Zionist-occupied USA tried to take over Venezuela by placing their puppet Guaido there. Let’s not forget the Zionist-created 9/11 and the 3 dancing Israelis celebrating afterwards. Who knows what going on now in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and other countries with similar issues? I think most of these countries now have displaced people living as refugees in other countries, such as Europe, because they have no where else to go.

1. Built a wall.

2. Started asking for papers.

3. Asking for foreign aid.

4. Started their own police force.

5. Begun segregation.


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