Analyzing Souless Institutions

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Soul frequencies unveiled…

CIA, Yale University, Vatican, Bilderberg Group, British Crown, etc. which includes censorship issues and de-platforming on the internet. Such corrupt institutions have very low integrity and quality, which is obvious from what is being exposed about them all over the internet. Moderna’s intent is for the New World Order depopulation agenda. CDC has a frequency of shame because they promote fear in order to push their agenda and lies. They also have a very low integrity. WHO has a strong interest for power and control over the earth, and they are getting closer to achieving such world power and control.

UN was founded out of guilt, after the war. Now, they have grief. They have a high integrity to their agenda. World Bank has a low integrity. It was established on guilt, like the rest. All these corrupt organizations are similar because they work together on the same New World Order agenda and depopulation agenda.

World Economic Forum work on guilt, as well, to push their agenda.

Corona is being manipulated to promote fear and control the world population towards their agenda.  This flu has very low frequency, preplanned to manipulate everyone on earth toward the New World Order.

Federal Reserve was established on shame, with a very low integrity.

Bill Gates is connected to eugenics, planned parenthood, and depopulation agenda. Gates Foundations is about depopulation agenda to mass murder the earth for the New World Order. Gates Foundations is even more dangerously threatening than Moderna.

SERCO infiltrated everything in people’s life to control everyone on earth as slaves. It was established on the frequency of world destruction. It is as bad as Moderna and Gates Foundations because they are controlled by the same satanic agenda.

BIS is filled with guilt, which is similar to World Bank. They are aligned together.

Clinton Foundation is filled with shame, with very low integrity. It is lower than CDC and Federal Reserve.

(Any frequency lower than 200 has to do with separation from self and others, which has to do with pushing forward toward the New World Order Totalitarian society agenda).

CERN’s drive is for World Power to destroy and separate people.

NATO was established on same frequency as CIA. They are filled with grief.

UN Security Council has nothing to do with security.

DARPA was originally founded on joy. They went downhill, moving toward very low integrity and destruction.

Humanitat appears to be positive. It doesn’t receive donations. But Queen of England might control Humanitat.

New Earth Project vibrates on a love frequency. It is enlightened with philanthropy. It is between love and joy frequency. It has a high integrity.


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