Analyzing Joe Rogan's Interview Clip

Friday, June 11, 2021

Alison Weir, Freelance Journalist, is interviewed about Palestine/Israel situation. She has been an activist for 20 years. She exposes Zionist Israel. They also talk about the “Joe Rogan on Israel” clips.

The dark-haired woman talking to Joe Rogan sounds stupid. She appears to be a Zionist herself, supporting Zionists and Zionist Israel. Alison Weir sees many inaccuracies with her information.

Most religious Jews all over the world didn’t embrace Zionism and the state of Israel in 1948. It was against their Jewish religion to steal land and terrorize its natives. State of Israel was illegitimately created in 1948 via the political Zionism movement for the Greater Israel Project, which involves the New World Order agenda.

The only reason Zionist Israel is still doing terrorism is because of the monetary and military aid and support from the USA Zionists, which includes Zionist AIPAC, Zionist-occupied US government and Zionist-occupied Congress, among others.


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