Agency Vs Client: Ways To Nurture This Dynamic Relationship

Customer relationship. When this bond is strong, you are on your path to success. However, the moment you lose track of how your relationship is with your customer, things will start going downfall for you. 

For digital marketing agencies, their clients are other brands. These could be the ones that have already been established or they are probably just starting out. The key to retaining these clients for a longer period of time is surely nurturing and building a strong and effective relationship with them. 

When your clients are happy with your service and your agency as a whole, they can help you increase your client base without incurring any additional costs whatsoever. How? Referrals. The happier your customers are, the more references you will get. 

Hence, it is vital for your client-servicing team who are representing you to look after your existing client base and nurturing your relationship with them. It can support your business to grow in the direction, and at the pace, you wouldn’t have thought of. 

In this article, you can learn about ways you can nurture your existing client base to develop stronger, fruitful relationships. 

  • Work on building trust  

Like for every other relationship in your life, it is important for you to take steps towards building trust with your clients. It is important for every long-term relationship that you are planning to keep. Contrary to what many think, building trust takes a lot more than delivering what you are supposed to on time. 

It is a consistent process. It is effective communication and timely updates.

You can also invest in a billable hours tracker if you are working with someone on an hourly basis. This tool allows you to accurately create a report that includes the exact number of hours and days your team worked for. This will help them understand that you are not charging them for anything extra and will certainly be in your favor of building trust. 

  • Always offer strategic advice 

As an agency, it is your responsibility to add value to your client’s business and life. You can do this by providing actionable and strategic advice that is far beyond the obvious solutions. It should help your clients realize what their goals and objectives are. 

It could be anything related to how they can save money, reduce costs, find the best package, or maybe updates about changing laws that will have an effect on their financial position. 

Such advice makes your client realize that you are capable of offering true values and the chances of them sticking around for more increases. 

You should understand that it is crucial for you to overachieve. Providing assistance when they are in need is the real form of nurturing for your clients. 

  • Personalize your interactions 

Who doesn’t like it when they realize that the other has put in efforts and time in their interactions? Personalizing your interactions should be an integral part of nurturing your clients. 

But how exactly do you personalize your interactions? You can share some real-life examples or experiences when you are offering them advice to make it sound more genuine. If you are onboarding a new client who was introduced to you through referrals, you can start by keeping the mutual as your common ground to kickstart your relationship with them. 

Make sure you ask your clients about their vision, how they see themselves grow, and what their future plans are. This will make them realize that you are here to genuinely help them grow and it will further deepen your relationship with them. 

  • Be consistent 

As discussed above, consistency is the key. It is one of the most significant ways to ensure a successful client relationship. 

The trust will only develop when you are doing what you said you would and at the time you promised you would, each and every time. You cannot offer a good service at one point in time and get lazy the second time around. This is not how it works. 

Make sure you are consistent and always putting your best foot forward. 

  • Ensure clarity of communication 

When you are looking to achieve long-term goals, clear communication becomes a vital element. It is important to encourage effective communication not only between clients and agencies, but also among various departments. 

To ensure this effectiveness, you can work on creating a structure which should be adhered to by every member of your organization. 

The way to execute this is by using just one contact person for every side and department. This is why an organization needs a client servicing team. It helps to reduce the errors. 

Agencies can appoint an account manager and the clients can appoint a project manager to carry out the project seamlessly. 

  • Always think about helping them out

We know it’s your client but when you come across a situation where you don’t think you can help out, it is better to refer them to your network. Try to help them genuinely. 

Avoid cutting corners and just sending across the first that you find after you search on Google. The company that you refer to your client should truly offer remarkable services if you wish your clients to truly trust you. 

This is because if you suggest a professional and your client is not impressed with their work or their work ethics, it is your reputation that would be tarred in front of your client. Mainly because it was you who directed them to the person at first place. 

Thus, make it a habit to always be honest and only recommend those who you actually have worked with. 

  • Set realistic expectations 

Sometimes when you are selling, agencies tend to over-promise their deliverables. It is important that you do not do that. 

When you are pitching, make sure you are being honest and only offering the work that you know you are capable of carrying out. Once the client is ready to get onboard with you, it is now time for you to understand what your client is actually looking for and set the real expectations. 

When your clients don’t actually get the results that they pay for, nothing can be more trust-breaking than that. 

However, when you have set expectations regarding say, how long will it be before they will get to see the results, how do you define success, at what times will you be available to attend the call, and such, then your clients won’t actually be concerned if the things don’t go as they had planned. 

This way, even if it takes a little longer than expected, your clients won’t panic or lose the faith they have in you. 


Building a strong and faithful client base is not an overnight task. It takes patience, consistency, and hard work. But it has the capability of helping you reach the heights you never knew you could. 


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