Advantages of Online PAN Application Form

The technology is rising above the expectations each day, and so is our dependence on the world wide web. Everything is available on the internet; there are digital lockers, you can do net banking, you can shop, trade, earn, spend, and what not. Digitalization has made our lives easier; now no more standing in queues waiting for your turn, no more hassles to avail official documents, everything is few clicks away.

PAN – Permanent Account number is an alphanumeric ten digit number issued by the Income-tax authority of India, and it is an identification number which every adult who is undertaking any financial transactions should possess. Usually one gets it imprinted on a plastic card.

It is important as it helps the government to track all the financial transactions that are critical to assess one’s financial records, assets, and liabilities. For your every transaction like paying institutional fees, sale, purchase or getting your salary you should have a pan card, it helps you to stay clean chit under the government’s eyes. PAN card is of prime importance as it allows the government to keep eyes on your financial beholdings and reduces the chance of tax evasion,

From businessmen to people whose income doesn’t fall into the taxable permit, everyone is supposed to have the PAN. After the demonetization government of India has made it a mandatory requirement to avail a bank account and other banking services.

It is also said to be highly esteemed due to its wide acceptance across the country as an identity proof. People with PAN records are considered to be more reliable and trustworthy to avail financial credits and loans easily.

You can apply for an online PAN application by filling the PAN application form online. The online PAN application form is available on the website of the income tax department of India, find it here. (

There are several advantages of availing PAN application form online-

Hassle Free- You are free from hassles of applying form manually, asking people for help and guidance now you can sit comfortably and fill the form from anywhere.

Less Time-Consuming- It is less time consuming as you don’t have to roam here and there, everything is understandable, accessible and is directly served on your window.

Self-Dependence- Relieves you from begging behind officials to get your thing done, you can be your own master and can avail the form easily in a few days.

Apply Anytime- The internet allows you the flexibility to fill and apply anytime; it gives you freedom from conditions like only accepted on weekdays(9-5).


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