This is a compilation of strategies and principles applied by dozens of successful entrepreneurs, both online and in physical businesses. And it in no way implies that it is a blueprint to success, I have found that once I started applying the research information, many aspects of my business and lifestyle started to become more effective. While I can see many other fringe benefits appearing as a direct consequence of applying these 7 steps, I fully realize, that this system will not produce the same results for viewers of my video,  in fact, some may even achieve far greater benefits than I did.

To start with, you will need an example of a person or people whom you genuinely admire for their business successes, then rigidly apply those qualities, principles, and ethics. That is the sketchy but accurate plan for business success, after all, you did the thorough research to arrive at your conclusions, right? Why, on heaven’s earth, will they not, when applied correctly, not produce the same results?

Having said this, you will agree, that while they paint a pretty picture, the proverbial “proof” of the pudding is in the eating, or, put another way, unless you use actual ingredients and add them in the exact order and proportions, there will be no pudding to proof!

While my video is more like an overview than a blueprint, if you actually complete the required 7 step actions sequentially, you will be successful.

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