6 Common Myths and Misconceptions About International Courier Services

The international courier delivery service industry has been significantly increasing over the years due to the high demand of business to consumer (B2C) marketing transactions overseas.

When it comes to the benefits offered through international courier, common misconceptions can cause consumers to neglect the service. That’s why we’re debunking the five most common myths about international courier services – creating new and viable shipping solutions for you or your business.

1. International courier service is too slow

When it comes to international courier services, another common myth takes a package can take forever to be delivered. If you believe that you’ll be waiting forever for your parcel, then read below as one of the primary goals of reputable international freight companies is to assure efficient delivery in the timeliest manner.

International courier services can utilise air, sea or land transport to ensure your product is delivered on time, wherever you are. So realistically this is merely a misconception as fast delivery, is something all professional courier service providers pride themselves on – as the results are better for both the customers and the delivery business.

2. The delivery service is untraceable

One of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to international courier services is that courier services do not take full responsibility to cover and protect your products against any potential damages. This discourages potential customers as there is a belief your valuables are put at risk during the process!

In reality, a good parcel delivery services always allow the customers to track the current stage their cargo is at. For instance, customers are able to view where the parcel at any given moment, if the package is on the right pathway and if the parcel will be delivered on time. This traceable service is industry standard as it’s used to check against reports of the parcel arriving late or not at all.

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3. International freight management doesn’t include insurance

Contrary to common belief, one of the fundamental principles of international freight forwarders is to offer a clear breakdown of the insurance needed to cover your products. The protection provided by your courier service will completely secure all packages in transit.

Although each freight company will have a different insurance policy, it’s an international courier service obligation to account for any damages to fragile products and provide a suitable replacement for their insurance policy.

4. Delivering package on my own will be more cost-effective

We can’t stress enough how wrong this perception is! While some business owners will prefer to rely on their staff, in reality, time is money.  Having a set of hands down at the post office instead of making sales can greatly impact profit.

Most companies lose money delivering their packages internationally than those who rely on professionals. If you consider how long it takes to gain customs clearance (this can sometimes take weeks), you’ve already wasted a considerable amount of time and effort.

Professional courier services are equipped to transport your goods with their multiple freight management policies to fit any business. So not only it is a burden-free option but also a cost-efficient one!

5. International courier service doesn’t include express courier option

Expedited delivery is undoubtedly an essential feature of any international delivery service. Depending on the quality of the courier and the type of item you’re transporting the right international freight service can specialise in the last-minute urgent delivery service to any destination and offering you same day or premium delivery options.

6. Directly working with carriers will give you more control

The additional misconception that many companies hold about freight forwarders is that working, straight off with the carriers provides furthermore control over what happens with your cargo.

Somewhat there are problems with this mindset. Carriers are usually not as service-oriented as forwarders and typically aren’t able to manage several requests for information. This is not how they work.

If you opt to use a freight company so then, you have only one point of contact that has introduced relationships with the carriers and knows how to get the information you need promptly.

When considering your shipping choices, don’t be led astray by the many misunderstandings that are out there. Remember that it is not necessarily affordable to deal on your own, nor does it offer additional control. Also, remember whether you are dealing with large volume parcel delivery or smaller ones, a reputable courier delivery company will give you the same high level of service.


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