5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Custom Belt Buckles

Belt buckles are an often overlooked item of clothing which have immense impact on one’s overall appearance. Nowadays, custom belt buckles have become the trend as anybody who is anybody seem to own a variety of custom belt buckles to wear at their own discretion. Hence before you choose your very own custom belt buckle you should keep some key points in mind to avoid a wardrobe goof up which would lead to you ending up looking like someone who threw a few random clothes at target or big bazaar and forced it into an ensemble.

What Are the Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Custom Belt Buckles?

#1. Choose the material that fits your style

Custom belt buckles are primarily made of three substances – brass, gun metal and stainless steel. Now each material has their own uses. If you want to match with your brown shoes, then a brown leather belt with a brass buckle is your best option. Similarly for a black shoe and belt ensemble, a stainless steel buckle would be perfect.

#2. Suits and belts – a huge no

You may think that you bought a new custom made suit and while wearing it out, you decide to show off your custom belt buckle too. Don’t. It ruins the suit as they are supposed to fit you perfectly, thus rendering the belt useless. Moreover the belt only adds to the midriff. So no matter how snazzy a buckle you have, do not wear it with suits. If anything they make you look fat and bloated at the belly. If your are wearing a faded jeans or a stonewashed jeans, then you can experiment with brass or bronze designs to suit to your overall style.

#3. Single style statement, go for belt or shoe

If you have an amazing buckle and want to show it off then make sure you wear the right kind of shoes with it. If you have a snazzy and flamboyant buckle make sure that your shoes blend in with the pants. Same goes for the opposite. If you want to accentuate your shoes make sure that you choose a buckle that blends right in with your pants.

#4. Prioritize comfort

Custom belt buckles are usually tailor made for your individual style and preference. But be sure that in your zeal to get the perfect design you don’t turn the belt buckle into something which hampers free movement and cuts into your skin when you try to bend. This is the most common mistake one makes while choosing buckle. Make sure to prioritize your comfort over anything else, as an uncomfortable buckle is not really worth it. Saddle conchos and accented varieties of buckles have now become much popular in the recent style trends.

#5. Worn out belts

You may think that having a gorgeous custom belt buckle would more than make up for the weary old belt you put it on. So you pile your resources for the buckle while ignoring the belt and afterwards you are left with a weird hotchpotch which diminishes your statement entirely. So your buckle carries a lot of importance in portraying your character. So choose wisely, and do not go over the top as the shoes and the buckle have to be perfectly balanced, else you might end up looking like a bozo in a buckle. You can now choose from an array of buckles online. With easy and quick delivery and engraved names, messages and a wide range of base colors, you can simply look gorgeous and earn a name for yourself in any occasion.


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Written by Joseph Webb

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