4.5.20 Lockdown Insights

Sunday, April 5, 2020

3 weeks of lockdown house arrest.

Yeah, this One World Lockdown is ridiculous, for the N.W.O agenda, so that they control everyone on this earth at the same time, as they inch their way toward a cashless society and toxic vaccination.

Yeah, I also read somewhere that many prisoners are released.

It also sounds to me that all this is preplanned for the New World Order agenda because no virus creates One World Lockdown at the same time, especially in 2020 with many people living much healthier life than the past. And, some people have other illnesses they are dealing with. 

China just accepted a donation from Bill Gates’ Microsoft Foundation. Soros donating money to other countries? That is an indication that they are planning something else for the agenda. 

Moreover, April 7th is a full moon night. So, it is a good idea to see what will actually happen throughout that day and night, whether rituals, sudden deaths, politics-related news, and stupid celebrity promotions.


What do you think?

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