3 Types of Print Management Software Every Business Needs

The print management services are some of the necessities of a business. Printing helps a firm in many ways, like printing some of its relevant documents, brochures, etc.

There are several programs for print management available in the market. These software programs serve different purposes and have different costs too. Some of these software programs have limited utilities or are useful for only a few applications. However, some others are necessary for every business that needs printing even to the minimal. 

Therefore, depending on the type of business and its operation, some businesses may need some extra software with the essential ones. 

Here are the three most essential software every business needs.

1 PaperCut

Printing excess papers may not sound like a big deal; however, using more paper than required or reduced paper economy can be a reason for an organization’s economic drainage. Therefore, reducing the unwanted use of papers can help a firm cut down on the unwanted costs over a long time.

PaperCut is one of the most useful software that helps every firm manage its print management services. It is embedded in printers, MFDs, and photocopiers. It helps monitor and control the print output of an organization with tools that are easy to use and accessible from anywhere on the network.

With this software’s help, you can get behavioral insights and help your firm reduce the cost by cutting down on unwanted usage. It can also help you by setting rules like no emails printed in color or duplexing documents over twenty pages. 

2 LaserFiche

Compiling the files in the right order may be difficult. It may lead to confusion; locating the correct document at the right time may be hectic. Moreover, not being able to sort the files in the proper order may need someone to be constantly vigilant about the printing process and repeatedly check whether all of the required documents have been printed or not. 

With Laserfiche, you can scan with the help of an existing scanner or copier and archive all the files so that you can find them on time with minimal efforts, thereby. It helps you save on time, secure archiving and scanning the files. Therefore, as stated above, it is useful for every firm with a scanner and printer and prints a lot of different files.

3 Printerlogic and Printer Cloud

The print server is one of the most critical aspects of the IT infrastructure. Maintaining an internal printer requires a lot of IT upgrade like a few set of hard disk drives with an intricate RAID system. If you want a cheaper alternative, then you can outsource your server storage to a third party.

However, in either case, you have to have additional investments. The PrinterLogic software is a software program that helps you eradicate the need for print servers. It does this by going back to direct IP. It has a dashboard from where you can control all of your print devices as a single point of contact. 

With this software on your laptop computer, when you visit any different location, your computer will search for the printers in the same network. You will be prompted by the software to download the required drivers on the laptop. Subsequently, you will be able to request a printout from your laptop computer. 

It helps you save time and avoid hassle with the simplistic use of the software. With the software’s help, the IT professionals will be able to send all firmware updates from their desktop computers without any need for a print server. 

To Conclude

PaperCut, LaserFiche, and PrintLogic are the three essential software programs every firm needs, which has printers. These software programs help a firm cut down on the cost by minimizing unwanted or excess prints. They also work by compiling the data as a one-point solution. Besides, secure connectivity will ensure that you get the most straightforward operation with a simplistic interface.


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