14 Lesser Known Social Networks That Can Really Boost Your Business

If you own or run a business, then you should be aware of how important it is for your business to have an active presence on social media nowadays, especially the major social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Like it or not, social media has become a huge part of our society and our culture, which means that it is absolutely crucial to incorporate social media into your business marketing plan.

Most people know about the top 5 social platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Indeed, if you want your business to compete effectively, then it needs to have an active presence on at least one, but preferably all 5 of these social media giants.

Aside from the big 5, there are quite a few lesser known social networks that provide some amazing tools and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners to network for their business, and these networks can really help you boost your brand. So I’m going to talk about some of these platforms to make you aware of them, and to educate you on the benefits that you will recieve from each one.

Lesser Known Social Networks That Can Really Improve Your Business

Before we get into the social networks that I want to discuss, I want to make something clear. Although I am recommending that you check out the social networks that I am about to discuss, you should not take that to mean that you should register to these networks instead of the more well known ones like Facebook; in fact, I highly advise against it. I am mentioning the following social networks for you to consider joining in addition to the major ones that everybody already knows about. So, let’s get started.


Alignable is a networking platform for small businesses to network with one another, especially if they are in the same locale. As a member, you will be notified everytime a new member within your community joins Alignable, or whenever a member within your community hosts an event or posts news and updates. You can also receive referrals from other members on the platform, and you’ll be notified whenever someone views your profile.


Of all the social networks that are being mentioned in this post, this is definitely one of my favorites simply because of all the tools it provides and all the things that you can do with it. With Apsense, you can create both a personal and a business profile. You can create brand pages, promotional pages for your products or services, and you can post different types of content like blog articles or YouTube videos. There is also a business directory, a traffic exchange, and a referral program. You can manage your contacts on Apsense, and create marketing campaigns to promote events, products, sales, and more. You can also join groups and contribute to discussions.

All the features that I just mentioned come with the free membership option. There are also paid membership options which come with a lot more features and capabilities. Apsense is definitely a platform that you should at least check out.


This social network has named itself “The Collaborative Platform For Professionals.” Bebee is free to register to. Once registered, you can create a personal profile to showcase your work experience and skills. You can create a list of links in your profile to drive traffic to your website, YouTube channel, or other social platforms. You’re also able to create a brand page to showcase your business or website.

Members of Bebee have access to free tools for content production & distribution, B2B networking, job searching & social recruiting, as well as free tools for personal branding and social selling.


On Betalist, you can discover up and coming startups, the newest online platforms, and the most cutting edge web tools. I go on Betalist at least once a week to discover the newest websites that I might be able to make money on.


This social network is a forum style social platform, much like Reddit, accept it is specifically geared towards entrepreneurs. Members can exchange ideas, seek advice and mentorship, collaborate on projects, and discuss anything pertaining to business or entrepreneurship.

Get Worm

As a member of this platform, you get to discover the newest products and services from the latest startups, and get exclusive early bird offers. This is a network where startups will reward you for becoming early adapters of their products or services. Rewards include freebies, huge discounts, gifts, and even monetary rewards.

IM Faceplate

This is a place where you can showcase and promote all of your brand’s online content. Although IM Faceplate has paid memberships, they also have a free membership option that allows you to do quite a bit. You can post your best articles and videos under your profile. If you have a blog, you can syndicate your blog on your profile. The free membership option also allows you to connect all of your other social profiles, and provide a link to your website.

It’s My URL’s

This is a social network and free service that allows you to organize all of your social profiles and other links in one place. Most social networks will only allow you to put one link in your profile, so It’s My URL’s is a great tool if you have multiple links to share. You can create your own QR code for your profile, and view detailed analytics of all of the links that you list. You can even create a widget of your URLs list to embed on your website. Your It’s My URL’s profile will look something like this:


This is a place where you can syndicate and promote all of your content whether it’s articles from your blog, recordings from your podcast, or videos from your YouTube channel. Mamby even allows you to monetize all of your content based on the number of views it gets. Mamby compensates its content creators in Bitcoin, which you can then convert into any country’s currency.

Me Dot Com

Me Dot Com is a lot like It’s My URL’s in the sense that you can share links to all of your social profiles with one URL. Me Dot Com is free to register to and use.


Mioola is a free social network where you can promote your brand, drive traffic to your website, and showcase your content. Mioola enables you to post articles, photos, videos, and content lists. You can also create customized pages for anything that you want to.

Referral Key

Referral Key is a business networking platform where business professionals can share referrals with one another, and promote their own businesses at the same time.

Self Growth

This is a free to join, self help community, where you can find tons of free self improvement resources to help you develop success skills, strengthen relationships, and improve your health.

Share Referrals

One single platform to find and post referrals. Most companies nowadays have an affiliate program (if they’re smart), and many companies also have a refer-a-friend program. Share referrals is a platform where you can share your affiliate and referral links, and discover other affiliate and referral programs. Share Referrals is not free, however it is incredibly cheap, with the most expensive plan costing only $6.99/ month.


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