Why is egg important for pregnant women?

Nutrition Experts says that the best food for pregnant mothers is still egg which is essential and that can not be ignored in any way. Eggs contain iodine , Folic Acid, vitamin D, B12,  and other important nutrients. which  fulfill both the nutritional needs of pregnancy. For example, for pregnancy 100%  vitamin B12  can only be filled with one egg.

British specialists reviewed 18 different survey and research reports of pregnant women and chicken eggs. The report states that if women expect hope should use regular eggs, So it reduce  a lot of problems of a pregnant women such as mothers’ mental stresses, low-birth baby births and pre-birth.

Experts have said that eggs are full of protein. It has a good amount of  fatty acids, which increase the weight of the baby and keep the birth span valid. It increase the irol level in both child and mother, during which pregnancy matters double.

Vitamins B12 in the egg keeps blood cells and nervous cells in a healthy condition, which itself improves the condition of the child. and the egg fulfills this shortage.

There are 75 calories in an egg, but there are also valuable ingredients such as seven grams of finely standard protein, 5 grams fat, 1.6 grams silk greens, fabrics, folic, minerals, and leutens, who help fight diseases.


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