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What Scientists Don't Know about Viruses

There is still so much that is unknown about this novel coronavirus. 

The following is what the scientists still don’t know about the virus:

  1. The natural reservoir and intermediate host of the virus. Scientists think the initial reservoir of the virus is bats as evidenced in several strains of coronavirus. Pangolin is thought to be the animal that humans came into contact with that made it possible for the virus to jump to humans but there is no conclusive about that or snakes.
  2. It is not known how the virus jumped to humans. 
  3. It is not known how long a virus can stay on a surface. Also, whether high temperatures can kill viruses.
  4. Are masks effective in minimizing transmission or preventing one from getting COVID-19? The cloth face coverings and medical masks are thought not to be effective. Past studies indicated N95 respirators are 99.9 percent in preventing a person from getting a disease. In any case, it is agreed better a prevention than none at all. Due to limited supply of medical masks, people are advised to use them when necessary.
  5. Since viruses mutate, it is not known how the virus may behave. There are still infections of MERS as of late last year. They are unpredictable.


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  1. i suspect some of the things you are talking about are being studied. Scientists have to be careful, you can’t publish 1/2 results things change.

    Science is the pursuit if facts and knowledge.

    they won’t guess with half the tests in.


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