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What Is Stevia?

“Stevia, the natural food sweetener,” this is how they usually define stevia. It is now very well known in our place because of the health benefits that one can get from it.

Stevia is said to be a chrysanthemum family member. It was originated from South America before it was spread throughout other countries. It is a small plant with sweet leaf that is an alternative for low-calorie food. It is now high in demand due to the rise number of health conscious people.

Okay, I researched the top 5 benefits of stevia which I am to share with you.  Aside from no-calorie content, STEVIA is….

  1. It is proven that it has many antioxidant content like flavanoids, triterpenes, and tannins.
  2. Of course, it is best for those who want to LOSS WEIGHT and/or maintain their perfect figure.
  3. It also lowers blood pressure.
  4. It prevents heart diseases. Stevia has stevioside which is said to lowers the level of cholesterol in our body.
  5. Prevents the risks of diabetes. Because of the stevioside content of the stevia, it helps lowers the level of blood sugar by 18% if stevia leaf is used daily.

Stevia Is Usually Use As A Sugar Substitute 

In place of table sugar, stevia can be use as a sweetener of your favorite beverages and foods like coffee, homemade lemonade, tea, cold or hot cereal, and on yogurt. Nowadays, there’s a lot of powderized stevia product worldwide in your grocery stores. You may buy one to use but make sure it is natural or without preservatives.

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Written by Cassy Janine

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  1. Stevia is used in our home, too, and I grow it. It is a major ingredient in the diabetic zucchini bread that I love making. I started making it that way for our pastor, who is diabetic, and it tastes so good that I make it that way for us, too. We also use stevia to sweeten our coffee.

  2. Wish my late father had known about this. He was diabetic and used saccharin. I was curious so I tried one of his tablets one time in my drink. YUK!!! Then, later on, they publish something saying it causes cancer. Well, my dad never got cancer and he used it for years. I just don’t know how he could tolerate the taste.

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