What hairstyle do women find most attractive for a man?

A fabulous hairdo can change an ordinary man into a fashionable character. Each famous haircut starts with a great hairstyle. Lucky for you is the fact that making a fabulous hairstyle is not rocket science.

There are proposed and experimented hairstyles which are versatile and serve most of the men. These hairdos constitute the principal factors which an individual explores in a charming hairstyle and is presentable and smart.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the hairstyle has to be easy to do and not much maintenance should be required.

Now let’s talk about a few of the popular hair cuts that women find attractive for a man.

The Undercut or the Modern Cut

The undercut blends short and long men’s hairdos that reach out from all aspects. The rear and sides are shaved while hair at the top is swept on any sides. It’s simple and smart to style with a small amount of cream or gel.

It became a trend amongst working-class men in the early 1900s. But lately, the dubstep masses began to explore with undercuts. They found the short-long ratio exciting and “sharp.” Superstars like David Beckham and Tom Hardy made it more mainstream.

One thing regarding undercuts is they cause the ears to the forefront while the hair on tip stays high. That’s a plus if you got finely shaped ears. Men’s grooming specialist Elle Medico calls the undercut “an attention seeker” that’s ideal for outgoing men. And certainly, there’s something sexy about composite styles like an undercut.

The Elvis Cut or the classic Quiff

The common quiff adds strength to a guy’s hair. The sides are made smaller while the hair on top is brushed front except for the leading part. The strands in front are roughly stroked up. You’ll require any gel or styling cream for this.

Nobody can do a quiff more properly than Elvis used to do it along with all the other rock stars back in the day. These days different young artists and performers are giving it a tribute. Pinterest observes it trending over the following few years; particularly those including a windswept twist at the head.

The perfect quiff is manly-stylish while made correctly. Somebody mark it as the “development” of the crew cut hairstyle. It’s assumed to be perfect making it the reason why women love it. There’s excellence in men’s hairdos that are a bit rough. This also means that it doesn’t require much maintenance.

The Bruno Mars Cut or the classic pompadour

This classic men’s haircut has been in the talks since Vanilla Ice dressed his hair short on the sides and rear, and long on the tip back in 1990.

The high volume of hair on top claimed to as the ‘pomp,’ gradually falls towards the end. Longer hair on the tip and less on the sides is a regular recipe for charming men’s hairdos.

The additional length on top presents styling choices with a gel or wax while the sides and back are simple to accomplish with or without any product. Whether your hair is wavy, upright or rough, this is a style for everyone.


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